Storytelling collaboration

Quite the random assortment of photos posted above…they’ll be explained more below:

This morning at VolCom I put together the board we advertise things on outside for La Puente’s upcoming event, Generosity on Tap. Generosity on Tap is a fundraiser to support the San Luis Valley Food Bank Network. It is set up as an auction and will be held at the SLV Brewing Co. I’ll be working the event with Community Education, but I’m hoping I’ll be able to get some photographs and footage—Don Richmond and the Rifters will also be playing live!

After VolCom I headed over to seed me’s office for the afternoon. Unfortunately, it had snowed a bit last night and was too cold to eat my lunch at the park…

paradelogo5.6.At seed me, I finished putting together the 4th of July Parade Mile logo for Jeff. It is the 100th Anniversary of Alamosa County this year, and there will be several events being held including a parade and mile run. All proceeds from the mile run will go towards seed me, which is really exciting.

Jeff and I cleared out the office and made room for our conference table—and just in time! We had a team meeting—Jeff, Ariana, Mario, Connor and I this afternoon. We went over some logo prototypes a woman is helping us create and sent her back our suggestions. After, I winged a mini inspirational lesson and brainstorming session in regards to telling stories of the Valley and the people. I spoke of a few of my experiences, such as Pictures with Purpose last summer in Chattanooga…I spoke about how it takes time to build a relationship with your subject, that you need to share with each other and earn each other’s trust—things of that nature… Then we wrote down any words, people, places or ideas that spoke to us about the Valley. (As you can see by the photo above, the board filled up real fast!) It was a really good experience to share what I have been taught over the last few years, and everyone seemed inspired and energized. We’ll be getting together on Sunday to take a road trip around the Valley to start gathering footage for our first video!

Speaking of videos, I came across this video posted below last night. It’s a great reminder for myself: to dream, to follow your passions, and not wait another day to do the things you want to do…

“After all these years I refuse to believe joy costs something or that we have to get on a plane to find it, that it has to happen on our vacation, and that dreams can’t come true on a Tuesday…”

Oh—and that last random photo at the top—was what I ate tonight. As I mentioned last night, Dores cooked us a delicious lunch of seafood curry yesterday and it was too good to not snap a photo of…

Good night, all!


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