Tying lose ends…

I’ve made peace with my decision. And I’m leaving—not tomorrow, but in a few weeks… A few weeks to tie up some lose ends, enjoy a few more Colorado hikes, and to say goodbye to all those who have made these last 8 months memorable. It’s not an easy decision, but it’s the best one … Continue reading


This morning I spent time mapping out a game plan for my last six months with Seedme. I am going to be meeting with Kristen, Amy and Lance tomorrow to make the final decision of what my placements are. The last two weeks I haven’t even been enrolled in AmeriCorps and I’m growing tired of … Continue reading

Cookies, FernGully and Friends

Tonight I broke down and bought ingredients to make chocolate chip cookies. You know that’s a sign of true stress when I begin baking. I had a wonderful time eating pizza and making cookies with Dominik and Kaytee. We sat down to watch our childhood classic, FernGully, before hearing Jackie and Lauren were coming into … Continue reading


Went to a motivational speaker today during lunch, Joe Vigil.  Vigil was Adam’s State Head Running Coach for nearly 30 years and was the Head Coach for the Olympic teams several times as well. One of the biggest reminders I got out of his talk was that you have to be challenged in whatever you … Continue reading

Structure. Stability. Flexibility.

Is it possible to achieve both structure, stability and flexibility under the same umbrella? To have an open mind and dream, to have the opportunity to take risks and see a bigger picture while still being practical and realistic? The latest I’ve been told is I will no longer be Seedme full-time. Instead, it will … Continue reading

Adams State collaboration

This morning I gave updates and told the story for Seedme during the All-Staff meeting. We met with the Adam’s State Business and Non-Profit Development class. There’s a group of five students in the class who will be working with me on launching Seedme during their fall semester. We’ll be meeting each Thursday from 12:!5-1:00. … Continue reading

Labor Day

Yesterday I went to a nice BBQ picnic with Anna and the rest of the Mennonite volunteers. After I was able to Skype with David again, which was so nice. Today I ordered some hiking pants—two pairs, each only $9 a piece. What an incredible deal. I also ordered some merino wool baselayers at half … Continue reading

Hiking with aunt and grumpy

Today my Aunt Lori came through town on her way back home to Arizona. We hiked Elk Creek Trail, an hour southwest of Alamosa. There was a beautiful meadow and creek along the trail. We didn’t make it to the lakes, but got a good 8.5 mile hike in for the day. Her dog, Grumpy, … Continue reading