It’s Friday so this will be brief…

This morning Jeff and I worked on getting more reach on seed me’s Facebook page. We got over 25 likes today and one of our posts has reached over 750! I put together a spread sheet of all the words on the white board. We also got a lot of great feedback and additional ideas from our Facebook followers. I hope we can continue moving forward with that.

Next week our web producer is going to begin our website—which means, we have a lot of work to do gathering content for it…This Sunday we’ll be traveling around the Valley to start gathering multimedia, so that will be a start.

At VolCom I spent the afternoon with Jake writing personalized invitations to donors for the Generosity on Tap event.

Tonight I made veggie pasta and will crack open a new book—I finished Half the Sky today! (I really recommend reading it to those of you interested in international movements and firsthand stories about empowering women. This next book is A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson. I had been wanting to read it for the last few years and my aunt sent me a copy last month!


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