Went to a motivational speaker today during lunch, Joe Vigil.  Vigil was Adam’s State Head Running Coach for nearly 30 years and was the Head Coach for the Olympic teams several times as well.

One of the biggest reminders I got out of his talk was that you have to be challenged in whatever you are doing.

This afternoon I met up with Kristen to discuss my split position options further. She had met with the director of PALS and he said while he’d be happy to have me work for him, he doesn’t want me to do it if I’m not 100% passionate and committed. He feels I became so invested in Seedme, that I lost interest in PALS. While I love the PALS program, and that was my original placement my second half of the year before Seedme developed, he is absolutely right.

Kristen asked me if I didn’t know anything about Seedme, if it never existed, and I could pick any program to work in at La Puente, where would I want to work my last six months?

I thought about it for a few minutes, and I couldn’t answer her. I then said, honestly, I don’t think I could see myself working at any of the programs. Now, granted, if I had a full year left to serve, it would be a different story, but only having six months limits the options in what is realistic to train and learn. But with my heart set on Seedme, it’s difficult to find passion and determination to work for any of the other programs.

And besides, the other programs are set in stone. You are trained in a set, structured environment and fulfill the regular 9-5 office duties. Seedme allows me to dream, to be creative, to constantly learn and problem solve. A desk or case management job has many restrictions.

However, I know I need to leave all that aside, and pick a program to work in. I know I can do it, and can certainly make the most of it and gain more knowledge and experience.

So tomorrow morning I am shadowing at our Outreach Services office. They are currently incredibly short-staffed, with no supervisor or Energy Assistance position filled. I will be learning the front desk, and, if all goes well, I can take on Housing Assistance two days a week as a case manager…

I just hope I can balance this and focus on Seedme the other days without spreading myself too thin. Otherwise, the Food Bank program will be my next possibility. It wouldn’t be as “challenging,” but it will be reenergizing and enjoyable working with the staff there and I think I could make it work.

Here’s to another new challenge my last six months—and my fifth new position learned since January…


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