Structure. Stability. Flexibility.

Is it possible to achieve both structure, stability and flexibility under the same umbrella?

To have an open mind and dream, to have the opportunity to take risks and see a bigger picture while still being practical and realistic?

The latest I’ve been told is I will no longer be Seedme full-time. Instead, it will be a split position between the PALS children’s program and Seedme a few days a week. Seedme can continue to exist by a thread because we have commitments to several individuals and organizations already, and Seedme needs to fulfill those obligations. Once I leave, La Puente does not see how they can continue the program, with a lack of funding, proof of sustainability, or a program supervisor.

I don’t think this split placement is ideal. At all. And quite frankly I’m growing tired of moving around amongst all of La Puente’s programs. I want to settle in and focus on one thing. Do it well, and do it right.

But that’s not how a non-profit works, I’ve learned.

Anyway, to try and be as optimistic as possible, I suppose I can say I’ve learned a lot. And will continue learning, through all the challenges that continue to arise.

From an Unreasonable Institute article, written by Chris Yeh:

Entrepreneurs are Scientists. The right way to convert uncertainty into risk is to think like a scientist. Your goal is to hack away at the penumbra of uncertainty with well-designed experiments. As you make key decisions, the question to ask yourself isn’t, “Will we make money?” or “Does this advance the cause?” The question to ask is, “What will we learn?”

Cheers to more learning, regardless of what happens in the end.


One thought on “Structure. Stability. Flexibility.

  1. Re: Chris Yeh. Scientists and entrepreneurs are always scrambling for money to support their experiments. The better their experimental designs, and the value of the potential results, plus their social and political connections and status, the more likely they will get funding.

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