Hope over doubt

Today was a whirlwind of events. I met with our Adelante client who makes beautiful copper jewelry. She will be giving Seedme $60 worth of product to send to Unlimited Possibilities for their fundraiser dinner. I also met with Calvin, who is well on his way with his micro-business start-up with a registered name, logo invoice sheets and many other pieces. His macrame hemp jewelry is so well made, with wonderful relationships with bead suppliers to help other people in the process—the icing on the cake.
We had a community night at a local church for dinner. Chili is probably one of my favorite foods and I was so excited to see that was on the menu.
Had a long talk with the director about some possible changes in my last six months here. Lots of ups and downs and decisions that need to be made.
When do you push forward with a vision and when do you throw in the towel?
Then I get a message from a friend like this:
“Hey can we talk or Skype sometime soon? I’m kinda realizing like oops I don’t wanna do grad school. Last week when you & Arley were talking on the sand dunes about how you’re helping people & wish you could do more was really inspiring. I wanna figure out other things I could do like that.”
It brings a huge smile to me face. And gives me hope.
Whatever happens, things will work out and I will continue moving forward.

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