Blanca soaps

Friday I drove with Jeff to Blanca and met with a man named Joseph. He and his wife were both laid off of their jobs over a year ago, with no other income to survive on. With two boys to provide for, they decided to turn the wife’s soap-making hobby into a business. She is the chemist, and he is the salesman—literally going door-to-door around the Valley…knocking on people’s homes and offering his story and his soap for his family’s survival. He told me they live on less than one person’s income right now. Over the last year he’s gotten their soap, chap-stick and lotion products into over 80 businesses around the Valley. Unfortunately, many of the businesses have closed and only few have reordered supply. But they aren’t giving up. He keeps knocking on people’s doors and builds relationships with his customers face-to-face. He told me stories of people he has helped with their all-natural seven-ingredient soap. He told me stories of the struggles they’ve overcome, the times where they’ve sold people bad batches of soap and how the customers believe in them and their story enough to give him a second chance and order again. They are constantly learning and growing through trial and error. Through risks and rewards. His determination and outlook on life was so powerful to witness.

We’ll be working with them in the coming weeks to begin selling their products through Seedme in La Puente’s enterprises.


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