Numbness and purpose

Towards the end of my Semester at Sea voyage in the Spring 2011 I can remember entering Vietnam, China and Taiwan—and how numb I felt to the people’s lives around me at times. Seeing people homeless on the street, shack houses, poverty, illness…It freaked me out and upset me when I began to feel comfortable enough to walk past it all without any hesitation. As if I had no sympathy or empathy—no care in the world…

But deep down I knew that I did care. That I had too much to process and needed to step away from all the details to see the big picture again.

Like my time on the other side of the world, I feel I need to recenter myself for these next six months in Colorado.

I think my purpose has been numbed by too many distractions and too many negative sparks.

 Sometimes you have no control, and are in survival mode.

But I do not wish to remain in survival mode.I want to regain the purpose and meaning behind what I am doing here and make the most of it…


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