Catch-up and dunes

It’s been a few days without Internet, and a few days without blogging. Guess that’s not always a bad thing…

The past few days have been split between orientation and working at Adelante/Seedme.

Wednesday we had discussions with the new volunteers about topics such as burn-out, self-care, privilege, exploring Colorado and stories.

This morning Jeff and I drove to Blanca and were finally able to meet the “soap guy” we have been trying to track down for months. He and his wife were both laid off of work over a year ago and decided to try and make some money by selling soap. Since then, they have expanded beyond soaps to include chap-stick and lotion. Their soap is so beautiful, and made with minimal, essential ingredients. They’ve worked with over 80 businesses around the Valley to get their products into their storefronts. However, they haven’t had enough success with businesses re-ordering supply. The wife makes the products and does work online, while the husband goes literally door-to-door selling his soaps to households around the Valley. That has been their biggest success. They also have two boys helping out. When we told him about Seedme and how we want to connect people around the Valley and help sell and market products he seemed very excited. We’ll be in touch with them over the next few weeks and beginning to work with them as one of our clients.

This afternoon I snuck away from work and went on orientation “retreat” to the Sand Dunes and Zapata Falls. John, Dominik, Jamie, Stacey and I summited the highest dune in just over 30 minutes. We sat up at the top and chatted a while before having to run back down to catch the rest of the group. I’ve enjoyed getting to know each of them so far. It’s so exciting for me to hear each person’s unique story and where their life has taken them. After the dunes was Zapata Falls . The water was freezing but it was still a decent quick hike.

We’ve been getting unusual rain here each day.

Tonight I was out at Alison’s ranch doing chores in the dark. I look towards Blanca in the distance and there were the most majestic bolts of lightning shining through the clouds and lighting up the mountain. It was so powerful.

Tomorrow we start day two of “retreat” early in the morning—a day in the woods at a cabin. Should be a good time.


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