Fun and games

Worked on the Adelante storybook today, in between running errands and such. After work Jasmin and I passed by Milagros and ran into John, Brandon, Sarah and Michelle.

I had great conversations with Brandon and John about photography and writing…and how powerful the two can be when put side by side. John has had a few pieces of his writing published in small literary magazine. Talking with him about writing encourages me to stretch myself more and find outlets to share my words beyond a journal-like blog. And talking photography with Brandon excited me to shoot more photos of people here in the Valley…

It’s funny how you get caught up in so many things that you can forget at times what you most enjoy and are good at.

The new volunteers give a boost of energy and enthusiasm I needed right now.

All of us headed to the shelter for dinner. I watched a few play basketball with a shelter guest as I talked more with John and Lee, a 20-year strong shelter worker.

Good people, good conversations…

Anna and Nicole came over to Monterey and we played Ticket to Ride. It’s a really fun strategy game without having to think too much…

I will end with a quote I read earlier today that reminded me to look past all the petty things that can bring you down and to seek all the good in life:

“Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.” ~John Maxwell


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