The root of tears

Today I am 22.

Today was many emotions. Thinking about people I’ve met, connected with and became close to…people who I’ve loved and cared about.

It’s funny how some cries aren’t from immediate events, but from memories deep within. This morning my eyes streamed tears of water like a leaky faucet, from many stirred up emotions deep inside. Sometimes there’s nothing more to do but to let the tears keep flowing.

Worked on integrating the new Seedme logo into our social media and website. Unfortunately my house does not have Internet right now so I cannot upload the logo here.

This afternoon there was a huge thunderstorm with lightning so close or lit up the office and our power went out. I have missed summer rainstorms.

Jeff picked up a fun card and trail mix (for my hike this weekend!) and we went to Adelante for some food and hilarious conversation the last hour of work.

Went to Chili’s with my new roommate, Stacey, her friend and Nicole for dinner. After we went back to my house and met some of the other new arrivals, Brandon and Sarah and Michelle. Anna was sweet and made me a birthday cake and a card.

I’m looking forward to this second half of my year here, I think many new adventures, conversations and friendships will come out of it…


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