Rest and stalling

I’ve reached the point at night where my eyes grow heavier and my head starts nodding off as I fight to stay awake…

And it’s only 9:30, ha.

I woke up this morning forgetting about hiking the last two days, got out of bed and nearly collapsed. My body hasn’t felt this sore since 9th grade basketball practice.

I drove around and ran errands for Adelante today in the standard Explorer vehicle. It was only my third time driving it (with weeks in between) and man I wear I must have stalled 10-15 times during the two and a half hours. I wasn’t frustrated or anything, all I could do was laugh and start it up again. It definitely teaches you patience, concentration and confidence when you’re driving around something unfamiliar to you.

We had an “Extenders” volunteer meeting this afternoon. It was really good to have the opportunity to hear what changes will be taking place next month, and to give our perspective and requests for some areas where we haven’t been completely satisfied in.

We’ll be having more structured volunteer community nights, something that was completely ignored my first 6 months here. There will be more emphasis on community and spending time together, discussing meaningful things.

The new group arrives Thursday, a birthday present to me. I’m excited for their arrival and energy.

I feel like I’m in a good place right now.

Calm. Alert. Peaceful.

And hopeful.

Here’s to another 7 months in Alamosa, to new adventures, and hopefully more than 7 hours of sleep tonight…


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