Blanca Summit

I summited my first 14er today!

I was a bit nervous about hiking up Blanca after hearing how many people made it out to seem like a dangerous hike, but it wasn’t bad at all. It was a good challenge and workout for my body, but I felt perfectly fine the entire way up (minus some shortage of breath due to the incline.)

We hiked 6 miles up Sunday and camped at Lake Como for the night. It rained on and off in the afternoon, so we set up our tents and played cards. Lake Como alone was beautiful, and well-worth the hike.  After only getting three hours of sleep, I was up anxious to summit. We began the 4 mile hike to the peak at 5 am. Clouds were coming in and during the last 2 miles of the hike it was absolutely covered in clouds. The wind picked up and all we could do was bundle up and keep stepping one foot in front of the other. After a few minutes at the top of the peak we were able to see the Valley for a few seconds as come clouds passed over us.

Due to the cold winds, we decided to descend after 20 or so minutes. Within 10 minutes, of course, the clouds all disappeared and the sun shined nice and bright. It was a bit unfortunate we were unable to be at the peak at that time, but the views hiking back down were absolutely breathtaking.

After packing up camp, we made the final decent down the last six miles. Boy, was that brutal walking down the mountain on a rocky road…The last 2 miles to the car was pretty painful and my feet are happy to be elevated at home.

I am so thankful I was able to summit with Weston and Rachel—we paced each other so well and shared lots of laughs and stories along the way.

Pretty exhausted now. Back to work tomorrow…



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