Learnin’ each day


Was pretty ordinary at work. So I’ll skip that for now.

Over the years I have watched a lot of TED talks. I usually watch one each day now that I get them sent to my email. This talk by Chris Anderson about What Makes a Great Talk  was pretty interesting:


Pick a mile, but pick an interesting mile. And make the journey interesting every step of the way.

Be yourself. Be authentic. Use humor. Make eye contact.

Be vulnerable. Tell stories. Connect with the audience.

Create a headline in your mind for your talk to stay focused.

There is no formula.

Use your own voice to tell your story, your passion…

As I write this I get distracted by so many things—naturally…

But really. My mind is blown by how much knowledge there is yet to be soaked up.

There are so many things to learn. So many books to read and people to grow from.

Like a sponge I want to continue learning anything and everything I can.

So even through the ordinary, monotonous of days, there is still opportunity to flip open a book, have a conversation with someone, walk a different route home, stare into the sky while lying in a field, and learn something new.

Good night, sleep tight—but first, reflect on what you’ve learned today…


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