“Nostalgia made me feel that my life had roots and continuity. It made me feel good about myself and my relationships. It provided a texture to my life and gave me strength to move forward.”

A great article in the NY Times my grandfather had passed along to me:

Another excerpt:

“Nostalgia has been shown to counteract loneliness, boredom and anxiety. It makes people more generous to strangers and more tolerant of outsiders. Couples feel closer and look happier when they’re sharing nostalgic memories. On cold days, or in cold rooms, people use nostalgia to literally feel warmer.

Nostalgia does have its painful side — it’s a bittersweet emotion — but the net effect is to make life seem more meaningful and death less frightening. When people speak wistfully of the past, they typically become more optimistic and inspired about the future.”

I certainly feel nostalgic on a regular basis, including this afternoon.

It’s incredibly powerful how looking at photographs from the past can stir all these emotions inside you. Today I was looking through some photos of my Semester at Sea experiences.

All of the places I traveled to.

The people I met and connected with.

And then I get this yearning for more…to travel more, to meet new people, see new places…

It’s funny how one chooses only to remember all of the highlights and good memories of a time in your life rather than the lower, stressful points. (A good thing, too!)

It’s why I love reflecting back on memories and experiences:

It gives me the energy and encouragement to keep moving forward each and everyday.


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