Opportunity is a beautiful word to reflect on while here.

Opportunity to grow, to experience, to learn…

Opportunity to struggle and overcome obstacles, to be challenged, to fail and continue forward…

Opportunity to be disappointed, yet delighted.

Opportunity to say yes and help others, along with the opportunity to learn to say no when you need to take care of yourself.

Opportunity to laugh and cry in the same day—and to feel so good about both.

To love and connect with those around you.

To stay connected to those miles away…

Each and everyday I am learning.

And I know I am meant to be here—to take on the challenge and opportunity to keep moving forward.

Quick recap: Tonight at Life Skills we had our final Cooking Matters class. This time it was arranged as a Top Chef competition. Our clients split up into two groups and had to cook a meal with a secret ingredient: sun-dried tomatoes. While they were cooking the main courses, Anna and I made hummus to go along with fresh cut vegetables. The hummus was made with chickpeas, yogurt, lemon juice, olive oil and spices. For desert we made a chocolate avocado pudding. The recipe was simple with avocado, cocoa, maple syrup and vanilla–and it was delicious. To go along with the pudding, Melissa made brownies. But instead of flour, she used beans. You couldn’t even taste the difference! It was really nice to have the opportunity to participate in the class the last several weeks, I certainly learned a lot.

There again, I spoke those two words I enjoy: opportunity and learning.

It can’t get any better than that.

Good night, world.


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