Seedme emails

This morning Jeff and I were able to sit down and finally create our official Seedme emails.

We made a general email account,, as well as personalized ones for both of us. Feel free to email me at to give it a test run.

After, I created a Pinterest, LinkedIn company profile, and Twitter account for Seedme. Next week I hope to work on a basic website to have something present on our domain name.

On break I sat and read at Cole Park as I watched these incredibly dark storm clouds move into town. It was so beautiful to watch, and so refreshing to have the rainfall.

Tonight I went to Wize Apples with Carrie, Nicole and her friend who’s in town. I ate a delicious guacamole pepper jack burger and could barely make a dent in it or the fries. Portions these days have gotten out of control!

All in all, a pretty productive and all-around good day.

Below is today’s TED talk, Tom Thum: The orchestra in my mouth. Absolutely incredible—and I don’t think I’ve heard an audience cheer that loud at the end of a talk before…


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