Better perspective

I’m feeling more myself again.
It’s funny how we create these expectations and judge based on one’s past actions. When they do something differently than their normal pattern of behavior it can throw off our relationship with them.
It’s people acting on raw emotions—just as I was when writing last night—that they tend to act harshly or judge.
I’m really trying to stay out of politics and negativity wherever I am in life—a real challenge at times when living around and supporting 25 other volunteers.
Perhaps we act on these raw emotions to protect ourselves—a friend, an organization, or whatever is at stake—from getting hurt.
“It is essential to understand that an emotion is merely something that arises, remains, and then goes away. A storm comes, it stays awhile, and then it goes away. At the critical moment, remember that you are much more than your emotions.” Tich Naht Hanh.
I’m glad to be writing out these emotions each night. They’re good reminders to look back on and to learn from.
Today went well. Jeff and I picked out a final logo design Kate has been so kind to work on the last few months. We’ll be able to move forward with business cards and a few other things to begin our branding.
After, we met with Calvin and Chet Choman, the Chairman of La Puente. Chet gave us great ideas about how to set up micro-loans for our clients, as well as ways to start a pool of money in which to build off from.
We had a wonderful community night full of laughs and bonding tonight. I wish we were able to have them more often the past 6 months, I feel they really help solidify the volunteer community. Looking forward to more planned out community nights this second half of my term.
Have a beautiful day.

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