What a day

Today was a lot.

I’m losing respect for some people. It’s a real shame when you think someone is a genuine, caring person and then this whole other side of them appears out of nowhere. True colors are shining through in many areas and I’m disappointed in a lot of things.

The best thing to do is keep my head up, stay focused on my purpose and my job here, and remember that any experience teaches us something with which we can move forward with.

I was about to leave the office tonight and Anna pulled me aside and said her client wasn’t feeling well and she was worried about her. I look into the room and she’s barely sitting up in the chair with her head bobbing down. She was really weak. I asked her if her face felt numb or tingly, if she was able to see, and if she knew what today was. Today was July 17th. Today was also her birthday.

I ended up getting her down to the floor to prevent her from falling off the chair, and she sat there clutching onto me saying she was scared and didn’t feel right. I didn’t know what to do but to keep talking to her, rub her back, make sure she was breathing…it was really scary. Should I have laid her down or kept her sitting up? Was she having an anxiety or panic attack, a stroke, or did all of her stress simply shut down her body? Or—a more extreme, yet possible reason— could her partner have drugged her earlier in the day?

While I was beside her, Anna called Dores and 911. An ambulance arrived soon after and took her to the hospital.

I realized how much I don’t know about helping people in emergency situations like that, especially when I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what was wrong…really makes me appreciate paramedics, nurses and doctors out there.

Thinking about her tonight as I go to bed and hope she’s on her way to a quick recovery.


One thought on “What a day

  1. Sometimes it is not that people are different from what you thought of them. Sometimes it is a moment in their lives that changes how they act. Try to have faith in people (I know it is hard and I struggle to practice what I preach). I DO know the flip side to this about the “invisible struggles” people just don’t want to talk about.
    It must have been scary to watch that woman. You did the right thing calling 911 . And YES, Paramedics and nurses especially are amazing. They save so many lives. You could always take a CPR course in your SPARE TIME! Okay, never mind. 🙂
    Remember what I said about people though…. you never know what someone is really going through at any given moment.

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