Back at it

Today was good.

I spent the morning clearing out my email inbox from while I was in NY last week. It was nice to catch up on everything again.

This afternoon I took Jasmin (the new Adelante case manager for the year who is here early for training) to pick up furniture for a new client and run some errands. We ended up moving a full-size couch, TV, blankets and towels into their new home. The trouble was, the couch wouldn’t fit straight into the front doorway and we had to tilt it sideways. Whenever I get in a serious situation where I know I should be focusing all my energy on a certain thing, I end up laughing—kinda like when I go night-swimming at home with Olivia and burst out laughing as we try to tread water…the same thing happened as I was lifting up the couch with all my strength to get it through the door. I end up laughing, and am cowering down beneath the weight of this couch laughing as Jasmin is on the other side wondering where I am and why I’m not making any progress. After a few more moments of random giggles, I was able to collect myself and finish moving the couch inside. Quite a spectacle I’m sure.

I’m looking forward to getting to know Jasmin in the Adelante office as I finish my last month and a half there. She is really sweet and fun to talk with.

Tonight I went to the SLV Brewing Co. to meet with Liz. Liz was a former La Puente AmeriCorps member three years ago and we met at Kent State. She’s how I ended up here, and I’m so happy to hear she’s moved back to work as an Residence Hall Director at Adams State for awhile. We had a blast, and ended up spending over three hours there.

I feel the first six months of my time here has really been lacking the support and community-building aspect, and I know she will be a great mentor and organizer for getting groups of people together for that.

Time for some shut-eye.

Good night, world.


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