Back to Alamosa

The rest of the week home was grand. I got to say hello and goodbye to some friends, was told I could have some work at the bakery in March before hiking the AT, took Olivia driving on the highway for her first time, went for a run and night swimming with her and David, went to the  Windmill for some homemade pierogis, checked out the art show in the village square with David, and a 15 mile bike ride on the Outlet trail with David, Dad and Jessi.

Yesterday was a long, 17-hour day of traveling on just two hours of sleep. While I loved being home (and wished the trip had been another week longer) I really despise how complex getting there and back was…it’ll be nice to stay in one place for awhile again.

Today was a whirlwind of emotions and I am completely drained from everything. Hoping tomorrow will be a better day…

Thought of day: Stop comparing your life and your experiences to other people’s. Continue to follow your passions and use the skills you were given to help and love those around you in your own unique way.


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