Boxes, waterfalls and a tea party

It’s nice to be home.

This morning I began sorting through old belongings I left behind—boxes of things I didn’t even remember I had.

I became nostalgic, with many forgotten memories and experiences resurfacing as I dug deeper.

Deeper into the boxes, deeper into my mind.

Many things I tucked away for awhile, knowing I still needed time to process.

It’s funny how we try to keep the more presentable items on the surface—things we are proud of—with things that may have caused hardship or pain buried deep beneath the layers.

A box of our belongings can be pushed to the back of a closet just as we push away memories and experiences in our minds. 

But how healing it can be when we break open that box—after months or years have gone by—and reveal to ourselves what is still there.

After time goes by, we can embrace whatever it is.

We reflect, we process. 

And then it’s time to let it go.

We de-clutter.

Move on.

Collect more memories.

More experiences…

And continue growing.

Rest of the day recap: This afternoon I hiked up the glen and waterfalls down the road, one of my favorite getaways in town. This was something I’d do every day after work as a teenager. I still remember each rock to step on through the flowing water, and the pool at the top was so refreshing with all the humidity here. I missed it.

This evening we had a tea party/wedding shower/birthday party for Evan and Mel. There was pulled pork, salads, deviled eggs, cupcakes and much more to go around as wel celebrated Evan’s birthday and their upcoming wedding. To top it off, Mom and Nana made awesome sun hats for each of us. No tea party is complete without sun hats.

Here’s to an enjoyable rest of the week here!


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