Buses and planes

My heart hurts for this girl I ran into on the bus ride to Denver. She was staying at Tu Casa, the women’s domestic violence shelter in Alamosa, with her baby. 18 years old. Came into our Adelante office several times, desperate for housing. Just this week I talked with her for a while about her situation. She had told me she wasn’t at Tu Casa anymore and was staying at our shelter with the abusive guy. He stopped by with her too and they wanted to find a home together. Now she’s on the bus going back to California with her baby—and fortunately, without the guy. I asked her if she has family there and she said yes. She’s been in survival mode so much of her life, I just hope she stabilizes and can take care of herself and the baby…

Leaving the Chicago airport for my last flight home. It’s gonna be a late night, but I’m thankful I have a supportive family to go home to.


2 thoughts on “Buses and planes

  1. I know I never comment but you understanding how lucky you are to have the family that you do is a huge step into becoming an adult. It makes it so much more clear when you see a situation like that and you are also on you way home that brings it home to you. Have a wonderful time while you are here. And enjoy the humidity…. this is why we have the lake.

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