Family Field Day Photos

Today was super busy and productive. It felt good to get things checked off my list and out of the office part of the day.

This morning Jordan, Anna, Nicole and I met to go over their 37-page case manager manual they created. I helped them with some design feedback and ways to make it less draining on the eyes. We’ll be adding in some photos and quotes to break up the text.

I then met with Rich at Rainbow’s End to discuss a donor board inside the store. This way, it promotes and connects the other programs within La Puente and allows people to see what specific donations are needed.

Nicole and I ran some errands around to other programs. It’s crazy to realize how infrequently I get to visit the other offices and how disconnected I feel from them. It was really nice to catch up with some of the other staff and volunteers.

This afternoon I finished editing some photos from Monday night’s Family Field Day Extravaganza. Unfortunately, a lot of the photos were unable to be published due to a few families not signing the photo release form, but here are a few I put up on Adelante’s Facebook page.


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