Today I paid another chunk of money to my student loans. I’ve paid them off through the duration of my hike next summer, but I will still have to keep up with the interest each month. I’m in need of more hours outside of La Puente to make extra cash on the side. House sitting for one person on occasion is only going to get me so far…

My goal is another $2,000 for my hike next year. Time to get creative…

This afternoon I met with Donna, Jeff and Calvin at the SBDC. We went over quite a few things regarding registering a business, sales tax and all of the initial steps one should take in their startup phase.

Calvin makes hemp jewelry and wants to start increasing his sales and production. One day he would like to hire an employee—a hempster, as he called it. He also has a lot of great feedback and suggestions in regards to the overall micro-enterprise initiative. I am looking forward to the coming weeks and hope to begin telling his story this summer.

Tomorrow morning I’ll be getting up early again for the gym. I feel so much stronger just after this first week and a half, but it certainly wears me out sleeping an hour or two less each night.

With that being said, I’m going to try and get some decent shuteye tonight.


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