Valley forest fires

Apparently it’s been 3 or 4 years of bad drought in CO, and the fires have started earlier than usual this season.

It’s really frightening to see how much destruction they can have on forests, animals, towns, homes, and people.

One of the towns about 45 minutes from Alamosa had to be evacuated today.

But as of 7 pm tonight, there is hope the shifting winds could save the 400 person town.

Tonight after work I rode my bike to Blanca Vista Park. I could see the smoke all the way across the horizon, closing in on Blanca in the distance. It was traveling fast.

I then went with Nicole and Carrie to the Sand Dunes. Incredibly eerie with smoke completely surrounding the backdrop of the dunes and towering mountains.

I am thankful the fires won’t make it to Alamosa, but my thoughts and empathy go towards all those who have been affected by the fires, and all those that are helping in rescues and containing the beasts.


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