Loans galore

I spent quite some time pouring over interest rates, balances and all the other fun details of student loans. Interestingly enough, my private loan interest rates are way less than my federal. If I make payments over the next 10 years, interest will have accumulated 1/4 of the total amount of my loans: I’ll have paid an additional $11,000. So disgusting.

So today I dropped $1,200 on my loans in hopes to lower the principal (hoping to lower the interest accumulation slightly each month.)

Loans really disgust me, and I’m determined to chip away at it and have them paid off well under 10 years. It’s just difficult to do so with such a low living stipend and wanting to experience things throughout my life.

There truly is a give and take for everything, but that’s all part of life’s challenges.

After work Anna, Jordan and I biked to the Rec Center to check out the Ride the Rockies bike tour. It was a whole new world out there with rows and rows of bikes, tents, vendors and carnival rides. The good news is I found it only takes about 20 minutes if I biked to the gym one way, so I won’t have to worry about whether or not the house van is available to use.



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