Hole in My Shoes

Tonight I watched a documentary on Jack Beers called Hole in My Shoes.

“If you’re gonna sweep floors, I want you to be the best floor sweeper. Anything you do, I want you to be the best at it.” -Jack’s father

This man had the most remarkable life.

An excerpt from the documentary, a letter he wrote after his wife passed away:

“A few months ago my wife, Bertha, left this great veil of tears. And I was really grief-stricken. I was surprised how suicidal one can become when you lose a loved one. When I was mourning my wife’s departure, I did a lot of thinking and asked myself many questions. What is it all about? What is the meaning of our lives? What is the real purpose of our struggles and spiritual hunger? Our victories and achievements? Our sacrifices and our suffering? What are we living for? I believe you will discover as I did that love is what it’s all about. The love of God. And when you have found out what it’s all about, you will know that the object of life is not to be smart but wise; not to be rich but generous; not to be a racist, but tolerant. Not to be powerful, but loving. Not to serve yourself, but to serve humanity. With courage. And charity.”

Without spoiling the entire documentary with explanations, you should watch it for yourself!


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