Cooking Matters

Tonight at Life Skills we started the six-week Cooking Matters Class. We went over a few basics of knife safety before making Indian Ratatouille.

So delicious.

I am looking forward to participating in this class over the next few weeks. I find one of my biggest downfalls while grocery shopping is I tend to stick to all of my basic staple foods and don’t mix it up often enough.

Part of that comes from living on a tight budget, but part of it is just habit and simplicity.

I’d like to get better at varying my food choices and cooking more elaborate meals with fresh ingredients.


One thought on “Cooking Matters

  1. Right, it can be challenging. Variety can be a budget buster when unusual ingredients are expensive, perishable, and/or only available in unusably large quantities. Recipes call for proportions of ingredients that leave you with odd excess amounts that have no obvious use. Planning for a meal, finding odd ingredients or utensils and following unfamiliar recipes can be time consuming. Fresh, by definition means perishable. Cooking for one, or even two, often means leftovers that have to be eaten repeatedly before they spoil. But it’s fun to try new methods and the meals can be a real pleasure.

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