Explorer, giraffes and love

I spent most of my day at Adelante running around doing errands for them. After getting the mail, I went to the furniture stores down Main Street to compare twin mattress prices. The first place I went to quoted $139.99 and the last place was $99.99, the same price as WalMart. I was thrilled to kno we could help out a local business on Main Street rather than WalMart. I went back to Adelante to pick up our tax exempt form and credit card, and drove back in the Explorer.

I was a bit nervous to drive, as it was my first time driving after the mini lesson a few weeks ago. I made it back to the store without stalling once!

After several trips back and forth to the furniture store, I went across town to the Colorado Police Patrol building. They give out booster seats for free and we were able to get two for our van for when we drive around our client’s children. They are really nice seats, too!

Leaving Craft Drive I stalled but then made it back the rest of the way to the office just fine. The only thing I seem to be having trouble with is getting it into first gear…it’s not easy to verify 1 and 3 until I get going, but even then it seems stiff getting it into first. I’m told it’s one of the difficulties of this particular vehicle. All in all, a successful afternoon driving around running errands though.

Back at the office the case managers had an interview with a potential family to be in the program. They brought along their four kids and I was asked to babysit them. I sat them down on the floor with a bunch of scrap paper and crayons. The oldest boy (5 years I believe), drew up a storm! He drew SpongeBob, a lion, giraffe, snow leopard, zebra, dog, mouse, a bird and probably a few others I’m leaving out. Each animal he drew we talked through the process together. “A head, two eyes, a mouth, a nose, two ears, a long neck, four legs, a short tail, and spots,” as he drew the giraffe…

I love seeing the gears in children’s minds turn as their imaginations run wild.

I have really been enjoying these small interactions with children (this weekend at Summerfest comes to mind, as well as teaching about the world in Del Norte yesterday). I would like to continue seeking out opportunities to do this more.

After work I rode my bike over to Blanca Vista park to read for a while.

Another great line from Finding Your Way in a Wild New World: “Most people use their imagination far more often to problem-create than to problem-solve.

While writing to my sister this afternoon, I was reminded of a passage from another book, Ignite the Genius Within. I just love rereading it:

“Have you ever been drawn to anything?

Have you ever been irresistibly attracted to a person, a place, a food, a kind of music, a color, a sport, a dance, an animal, or a career, anything at all, so much that when faced with it you can’t concentrate on anything else?

We tend to think of this powerful feeling as something unique and rare…so rare, in fact, that we’re lucky if we ever feel it at all.

But attraction is not rare—we’re surrounded by it.

The reason we don’t see it is because we have taught ourselves to are a mechanized universe that operates through randomness or laws rather than love and attraction. The result is that we feel deprived of the incredible passion, meaning, fascination, well-being, vitality, sexual energy, and creativity that come from simple attraction…in other words everything that makes us feel alive.

And yet we are not actually deprived, for we are not just surrounded by attraction, we are swimming in it.

As you begin to see attraction operating, your awareness of it will eventually expand to encompass the understanding that attraction isn’t just bountiful, it’s universal. It determines every aspect of our lives and life itself. Within it the atoms in your body would fly apart; the Earth would disintegrate; the stars would disassemble; and the universe itself would unravel absolute nothingness. When you look at it this way, you can see that attraction isn’t just universal, it’s what brings the universe to life.

The deepest wisdom to be gained from the understanding of attraction’s powerful role in our lives is the discovery of attraction’s source, which is love. Look deep in your heart anytime you feel attracted to anything or anyone, and you will find love there. It may require a little digging—we’ve become so afraid to feel our love that we often feel it’s pull bit without the joy, making it hard to recognize. But next time you hear irresistibly beautiful music, if you stop and listen closely, you will know then that the source of attraction is love.

When you do you will come to the greatest realization of all–that all forms of attraction, including gravity itself, are expressions of love. Therefore the universe is held together not just by attraction, but by love.

To go from living a mechanical universe to a loving universe requires what is called a quantum leap to get there, which is a voyage that does not require physical travel. And quantum leaps don’t get much bigger than that.

So ultimately attraction is not something you have to believe in, but rather it’s something you can see with your own eyes. And once you know your own power of attraction better, you will know its source. When you do, you will not only begins to see and feel love everywhere and in everything, you will begin to feel in love with the universe…and that it is in love with you.”

Have a great night! 🙂


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