Kids and gardening

This afternoon Jeff and I expanded middle schoolers’ minds in Del Norte with conversation about traveling, cultures, and making your dreams a reality. I went around the room with an inflatable globe and pointed out where Colorado was compared to the rest of the world. Then we asked them if they could go anywhere in the world, where would they go?

A few of them said Brazil, China, Germany and Mexico. A few more said Hawaii, Alamosa or their grandparents’ homes.

We also asked them why they would want to travel to these places, and what you can learn while traveling.

While I realize they are still young, it was really eye-opening to see how some of them had no grasp of a world outside the Valley…

At the same time, I was reminded that there is so much opportunity to learn about other cultures, languages, foods, traditions etc. right here in the San Luis Valley…

Overall, it was once again a good experience getting my feet wet teaching. Each time I hope to get better…

After we got back to Alamosa, I hopped on my bike and rode to Boyd Community Garden. Tonight we planted lettuce and cultivated another section of the soil to install more drip lines and plant some more. I’m hoping to keep going back each Tuesday, it was a lot of fun to get my hands dirty and be outside of an office setting.



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