Gardening at Life Skills

Tonight at Life Skills we planted the garden-in-a-boxes at Vigil Way. It was really interesting to learn what grew well in the Valley and what did not. I was also fascinated to hear that certain plants don’t grow well next to each other in general because they compete for the same nutrients in the soil. Onions, for example, don’t grow very well next to green beans or peas.

Mapping out what to grow in the box is also a process. I always assumed you could just plunk things into the soil wherever and let the sunshine and water do their thing…but really there is a lot of planning and thought going into it. We decided to plant the green beans in two vertical rows in the center of the box, with spinach in between the two rows because the bean plants grow tall and will provide a cool, shaded area for the spinach.

We also planted some marigolds, wildflowers, sunflowers, chard, peas, among other things.

Wish we had decent soil or a spot to plant at my volunteer house.

I’m hoping to make it to the Community Garden nights each Tuesday this summer. There’s so much I want to learn!


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