Lions and tigers

I’ve certainly kept this blog brief the last few weeks, I think I’ve needed the break…

This morning I headed over to Summerfest to run the La Puente booth with Alyssa. I ended up playing cornhole with Giovanni, a two-year-old in the Adelante program. He is the cutest little boy, and so smart! He was practicing counting and saying all his colors to me over and over again.

I did some face painting on a few kids as well— camouflage probably turned out best, followed by a few butterflies. I painted a lion on one girl, and then she suggested I paint a tiger on her sister. The father commented how impressed he was that she even let me come near her, let alone paint all over her face…I guess she’s really shy. Unfortunately, Alyssa got too close for her comfort and she started moving her head around while I was painting…so a tiger turned into an orange circle with black blobs running through it. Luckily as soon as she stepped off the chair her hand wiped most of it off!

The afternoon at the booth reminded me how much I enjoy children. Their creativity, innocence and pure curiosity. I am not sure if I would have been able to handle 5 days a week at PALS September through February, but I certainly enjoy these small doses.

After my shift ended at Summerfest, I went on another bike ride. I keep ended up at Blanca Vista Park, surrounded by water, birds and a beautiful view of the mountains. I read my book, Finding Your Way in a Wild New World, by Marcha Beck for a bit. This section of the book really focuses on oneness. I really enjoyed two lines:

“Entering oneness is falling in love with everyone, ever place, every time that ever existed or ever will exist.”

“Sneak love, your secret weapon of healing, into any and every situation.”

It amazes me how much our wordlessness and energy while being present in a room with others can influence their thoughts, feelings and behaviors so much.

Tonight I finished editing through a chunk of Arkansas photos in time to order with Snapfish’s photo print sale. It will be fun mailing them out to my father and grandma later.

I spent a while talking on the phone with my sister and David. Both conversations were lovely. I miss them both.

I also got back into writing some letters tonight. Writing has always been a good way of processing and reflecting for me, but this blog certainly does not amount up to what I can express in a handwritten letter to someone.

I’m looking forward to this week, beautiful weather, a less-chaotic work schedule, and hopefully developing a better exercise routine for a new burst of energy.

Good night, all!


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