Back to work

I read this online today: “It’s not the strong, but the responsive that survive.”

I really like that…

It was nice to wake up in my own bed this morning. I made breakfast for Kaelee and I, and then had to say goodbye to her. This goodbye wasn’t so bad because I know I’ll be seeing her in July.

At VolCom I was told I no longer have to worry about the La Puente poster, and can focus on finishing up a smaller project involving designing a few promotional stickers. That was a relief and a big project off my plate. Once I’m done with the stickers, I’ll be fully dismissed from that office.

I worked on the fortune teller/information handout for seed me a bit more this afternoon and should have it finished tomorrow.

I’m beginning to go through some of the photos I took in Arkansas over the weekend—there are some real gems in the mix…


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