Laughter bikes and pool

I love my family.

This morning I woke up at Aunt Lynn’s and had a mini breakfast with Her, Kaelee, Olivia, dad, Jesse and Hella. Several of them cannot go anywhere without a cup or three of coffee. While waiting I played with several of her dogs before we headed over to grandma’s, where we ate a second breakfast with everyone else.

Autumn, Olivia, Evan and Mel had to leave to drive back to New York by noon, so I set up my tripod and took group photos of everyone. The backdrop? My grandma’s she’s. But it’s not just any old shed—it’s grandma’s after all. The grandma who would take your cup you were drinking out of as soon as you set it down and put it in the dish washer. So what would a shed be without curtains in the windows?

And what would group photos be without Grandma and Hella dancing next to the inflatable palm tree beer cooler?

After all the photos were taken, and many laughs were held, we said goodbye to the four of them and off they went.

We took a ride in MC’s Oldsmobile to the park to walk the dogs. We joke and call it MC’s limo. As Aunt Lori peeled the tires pulling out onto the main road, Clover’s drool drips down the leather seat where my back should be.

We walked along a path following a river and the dogs were able to go swimming.

More stories and laughter was exchanged back at the house.

Aunt Lori had a 29-inch-rimmed bike with her and I took it for a spin around the neighborhood. It was so different than 26.5 inch rims—much easier and smoother to pedal and you covered much more ground.

We even got MC to whirl it a whirl down the street and back.

We had pulled pork for dinner and then MC, suggested we go play pool at the legion. Todd drove the limo full of Kaelee, dad, Jesse, MC and I.

But we got there and MC couldn’t get in with his card. He’s like what the hell and kicks at the door real hard a few times and is like I’ll go around back!

But it ended up being closed so he kicked the back door and said well, I’ll just try and get us into the VFW even though I’m not a member there since I wasn’t in a war zone. We pull into the VFW parking lot and dad tells MC to go on in ahead of us while we wait in the car—and that we’ll be the getaway car if he gets kicked out. He said alright and if it’s okay to come in I’ll give tou guys the signal. Sure enough within a minute or two the door opens up and MC sticks his head out and waves us on inside. Pool is played, a couple drinks are had and I became the designated driver.

We all piled in the car while MC ran to the bathroom. He hops in the car and says okay Todd, now take a left out of the parking lot here…

The whole way home he’s calling out all these directions, “Todd turn left at this next stop light.” And I’d say out loud to him okay MC, I will! Turn right up ahead, Todd, MC says next. We’re all laughing and I finally say okay MC but my name’s Chloe! He lets out a big sigh and says, Todd what the heck are you doing in the back seat!

Needless to say, I got us back home safely and MC hugged me for driving the limo as “Todd.”

Tomorrow will be the last full day with my family that’s still here, as everyone has to travel back to their homes Tuesday morning.

It’s been such a blast so far and I’m so glad all of us were able to make the trip.








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