Good news and fortune tellers

This morning at my VolCom staff meeting it was announced that I have been dismissed from my work group obligation at the end of July and that I’ll be able to leave the office for good once the La Puente poster is complete. This is good news for me, as I’ll be able to concentrate better on Adelante and seed me.

Each day on my lunch break I walk over to Cole Park. Tuesday an older man sits down next to me and talks for an hour about how our president is like Hitler and is trying to kill us all. Then today a kid comes up to me and asks me if I thought his pants were too baggy, sits down next to me on the bench and asks for my phone number. It might be time to change locations….

I got a chunk more of seed me’s initial business plan written up this afternoon. If we turn it in by next Wednesday we’ll get $100 back from our Leading Edge class. It may not end up being a complete, in-depth business plan, but at least it’s given us the opportunity to take a stab at it—the rest will be added soon enough.

942656_10201477341399732_1391351455_nRemember making these fortune teller origamis during elementary school, folks? Also called cootie catchers…What are some fortunes you would get a kick out of for the inside?

Next Friday is Summer Festival on the Rio Grande. La Puente will be having a table set up with information about all of our programs. Since seed me is still in the beginning stages, we haven’t put together a brochure or anything. But instead of a traditional flier or brochure giving extensive information about a program, I’m looking to create a fun, interactive fortune teller with a few highlights about seed me’s vision on the backside. So far the first four pieces on the outside of the fortune teller will say socially, embracing each and dream, along with a design or color. On the inside we were thinking about having the first choices as job occupations instead of simply numbers. But what should the fortunes say on the very inside? Some will certainly have to have inspiring, uplifting fortunes, but others can be silly and disappointing. One could be, You’ll be pulling weeds the rest of your life, and maybe another could be you’ll find a magic seed…Obviously they don’t have to relate to gardening, but they’re a play on the seed me name nonetheless…I’ll have to keep brainstorming.

Up early tomorrow morning to do some more traveling! Really looking forward to seeing my family this weekend…


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