Tears of love

I’ve reached one of those points where tears just start pouring out.

And it’s not because I’m upset about anything.

I’m not really.

Sure, I’m pretty sensitive, but more often than not my tears are out of being vulnerable, not out of worry or fright.

It’s acknowledging situations in life, and thinking long and hard about them.

Digging deep into thoughts, challenging the good and the bad.

It was so tragic to hear that there were at least 20 children among 51 killed in the Oklahoma storm today.

Thinking about each of those children’s lives that ended so suddenly. So soon.

And what their families must be going through right now.

It makes me wonder why I ever stop and complain about situations I am in.

Because, as they say, someone always has it worse than you.

Suffering from things you couldn’t imagine experiencing.

It’s so important to recognize what you do have in your life. What you’re thankful for. Who you’re thankful for…

And to be there for those who need the love and support.

People say there are only two real emotions in life: Love and Fear.

I believe that.

But I am also acknowledging all these other emotions stemming from them.

It feels great to let tears flow down my face, allowing these raw emotions of love and fear to flow from within.

And the greatest ones?

The greatest ones are the true tears of love.

When’s the last time you shed some meaningful tears?


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