I met with Jeff and a woman named Karen today. We had a great discussion about the possibility of a commercialized kitchen in Alamosa coming up, as well as partnering with them. It seems there is so much potential to collaborate and partner with many individuals and programs, which is very promising.

At VolCom I worked on sending otu more information to my work group that is coming in July. I also met with Lares about the La Puente poster I was working on and my time commitments to VolCom. It seems as though there is potential I can leave that office once the poster is wrapped up, and perhaps even be dismissed from leading the work group in July. I would be really relieved if all of that pans out—it just doesn’t seem to make much sense to train me on doing one work group this summer.

This weekend I’m back at the ranch house sitting. I am really looking forward to good weather, taking care of the animals, and time to crack open a book tomorrow.

I think I’m still trying to adjust to Mountain Time because I started falling asleep at 9 before I could even write anything….I guess that can be a good thing…

Good night!


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