This morning I did some much-needed decluttering of my phone and my desktop. I deleted about 1,000 pictures from my phone—it was so fun to go back through all 4,100 and reminisce with the last two years of my life. It made me a bit nostalgic though.

I ended up going to Adams State library in the afternoon to work on the Generosity on Tap video. It’s funny to be surrounded by all of these students cramming for finals and writing last-minute papers. I feel like I’m back at Kent again working on this video.

I really want to get it done before I leave for Ohio Thursday…which means I have tonight, Monday morning and Tuesday night to finish up.

I have been reminded of how time consuming post-production for video is. Already I’ve spent 9 hours on the video—and it will only be around 5 minutes long!

There’s so much time watching and re-watching the video over and over again to get all of the details right.

Rendering can also take a few hours, easily.

The library closes at 11 so I headed over to the Grove Street coffee shop. They are open until 2 am. I figured I may as well keep working at this as long as I can stay awake!


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