Understanding relationships

Wahhhh, my blog has reached it’s storage limit for uploading photos. ūüė¶ I had the perfect photo to share tonight that I took walking down the trail along the river towards Blanca.

Today Jeff and I started a business plan for seed me. We mapped out a few things for ourselves:

We’re looking to launch seed me by July 1. This will include prototype displays in our retail locations as well as online.

By September we will launch a crowdfunding campaign. It will be about 6 weeks long and will go through October.

I went to lunch with the VolCom staff for Alyssa’s birthday. I don’t normally eat out, and a burger and fries from Rubi Slipper really hit the spot.

This afternoon I cranked out a new design prototype for the La Puente poster I’m in charge of. I wish I could upload a photo on here…

After work, I walked along the river this¬†evening. Golden light in the evening is so beautiful.¬†I then went over to Anna’s house and chatted with her for a while. Then we went to Alyssa’s birthday party. It was nice to gather around and socialize with the rest of the volunteer community‚ÄĒI have given myself less and less time to do this over the past month.

Check out this new TED on education…

All learning is understanding relationships:


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