Four needs as human beings

One of my dreams in life is to attend a huge TED conference—and be surrounded by all the hundreds of inspiring and creative individuals from all walks of life around the world…

I started to read the book, How to Deliver a TED Talk, by Jeremey Donovan. In the first chapter he discusses the four basic needs we have as human beings:

1. Need for belonging: As human beings, we have a longing and desire to be loved and to be cared for. What is the purpose in our lives and who cares about us?

2. Self-Interest: Find things you are passionate about and that motivate you and do more of that. Help others dig up their passions and desires by inspiring them with yours.

3. Self-Actualization: We all want to learn and grow and are curious about the world around us. Remind people of this gift.

4. Hope in the future: Instill hope in your audience. Empower the people. Show them how they can make changes happen.

Rather than telling your entire life story, focus on a single idea that either changes the way people think about their world or persuades them to take action.

Layer our narrative with stories and facts. Keep the audience engaged.

React with the audience.





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