GOT photos

I spent the day working from home. I ended up editing the photos for Generosity on Tap. It was a difficult lighting situation in the brew pub, so a lot of the photos are at an extremely high ISO unfortunately, making them grainy.

It’s nice to work from home sometimes—distractions are always more productive this way…like washing my sheets and making my bed…scrubbing the toilet and washing the bathroom floor mats. I tried to edit photos outside, but it was too bright to see my computer screen well enough. The winds also picked up quite a bit today.

935400_10201343157245212_738626584_nAfter a day editing photos, I decided on going for a bike ride, despite the strong winds. Within a minute of my ride I got bit by a dog. I had stepped off my bike to walk it up a steep dirt mound to get onto the trail and two small dogs ran right over and the first took a stab at my leg. The owners immediately put it on a leash and said sorry it got excited. I said and yeah did you see that it bit me?…Should have at least gotten their name in case it got bad but I just took off after they half-apologized and kept staring at me…

I called my mom up to see what I should do—you know, in case I got rabies or something—and she immediately reminds me of the time I got bit by a small dog when I was little, and how I was terrified of dogs for a few years after that.

What a wonderful reminder!

I am currently editing some photos from my weekend outdoors and hope to have them up tonight or tomorrow as well.

I still need to put together the video for GOT, I guess that will have to come another day.


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