Wandering the Valley and GOT.

Today was packed full of goodness. I started the day off taking care of the animals on the ranch. It was so warm outside I decided to spend a while soaking in the sun before heading out.

I then explored.

I was so antsy to just hop in the car and drive, so that’s what I did. I ended up finding a lake in Monte Vista and then explored the Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge. I sat on a bench with my eyes closed and simply listened to all the birds and animals around me in my own silence.

I continued further on, ended up going more south that I had intended before heading back into Alamosa.

Tonight was La Puente’s Generosity on Tap (GOT) event. I was put in charge of the photography. I ended up getting in some photos before dark, but the lighting got tricky the rest of the night since it was at the Brew pub. I switched over to a lot of video. I think the video of the live auction, Don and the Rifters and people dancing turned out great. It’ll be interesting to see what I can edit together into a short piece—if I can find the time this week.

Lares mentioned to me tonight that Kristen will be filling in for me next weekend at the Denver presentation. They all realize how much I’ve been working with no time off and really want to make sure I have next weekend free. I really appreciate their support. and willingness to help me out.

Above are some photos I took from my cellphone today. I’m hoping to post ones from my camera later this week—and a video soon after!


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