Shopping therapy?

Jeff and I met with Victoria this morning. She seemed to really agree that we need to focus and spend time planning before we really take off with a website, etc…

We started another brainstorming board, trying to list all the aspects we want to incorporate into seed me. This will be be written more formally on paper in the coming weeks.

We also set up an album on our Facebook page “How well do you know the San Luis Valley.” Each day we’ll be posting a photo and asking people if they know where it’s from, and if they have any stories or memories about the location. We’re really hoping to get the entire SLV community involved in our initiatives and this can be one way to generate interest…

I ended up leaving VolCom early this afternoon. I truly couldn’t handle another 4 hours in an office setting this week, and knew tomorrow is another long day…

Somehow, I ended up at Maurices—for some shopping therapy.

I never go shopping.

I ended up finding a dress, which I’ll probably wear for Evan’s wedding…and picked up some nail polish.

I figured that was one thing I could do that required my complete focus away from my computer and emails…

After being a girl for a while, I changed into my work clothes and did the chores on the ranch…

I made bacon and eggs for dinner tonight. There’s nothing like fresh farm eggs!

Tomorrow I’ll be traveling to San Luis to meet with Huberto again. They should be pouring molds in the afternoon. Then at night, I’ll be the photographer at La Puente’s Generosity on Tap event…

Time for rest!


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