Simplifying my commitments!

This morning I fed the dogs, chickens and horses before heading into town. At VolCom I had a meeting with Amy about all of my positions.

Good news!

I will be finishing up some commitments at VolCom (Generosity on Tap event this Saturday, a presentation in Denver next weekend, a work group in July and the La Puente poster) and then will be out of that office Thursday/Friday half days completely.

This means I’ll be able to focus more on Adelante and seed me tasks—hopefully with less things on my plate and less burnout…

I am truly relieved.

At VolCom staff meeting we always open with a question we go around the room and answer. Today it was more on the sillier side, and each of us had to tell a story about a peeing-your-pants or vomiting story.

I told the story of how I am one of the only ones in my family that when I get sick at night, I can never make it to the bathroom on time—I always seem to puke sitting up in bed or on the way to the bathroom. This particular time I was a junior in high school, sharing a room with my older sister, Autumn. We had eaten a delicious casserole the night before, but for some reason I went to bed feeling queasy.

I vomited all the way down the hallway, without making it to the bathroom. Downstairs I can remember sitting on the floor hovering over the toilet and dry heaving for over an hour. I was shivering. But my sister was right there by my side. She got me a towel to keep warm, rubbed my back to calm me down, cleaned up all of my vomit upstairs, and even helped me into the shower to rinse off and freshen up.

It’s memories like this that make me really appreciate the love and close bond I have with her. She truly is a blessing in my life, no matter the distance…

After VolCom I went over to seed me’s office for a meeting. Jeff and I sat down with Kim Smoyer, a consultant for the Small Business Development Center and our Leading Edge class. She gave us so much helpful advice.

One thing we discussed is the importance of determining what our vision is, and strive for just that. If we want our main focus to be the website or the displays, then we really need to invest in that specifically. She suggested we make some prototype displays and have people in the community give us feedback on them before building the entire set.

The biggest takeaway is realizing that we need to have a complete and thorough planning phase. We simply cannot risk rushing into things and producing less-than-quality pieces to this…

We’ll still work with a few clients, set up some displays and tell some stories, but it is all on a smaller scale to allow us to document in detail exactly how we want this model to look like, what our costs are and what grants we need to apply for…

Kim says this will take us a year if we do it right and well…

It’s a bit of a relief for me because there isn’t as much pressure about hurrying this along and throwing everything together as fast as we can to see results.

Starting something up for success and self-sufficiency takes time, diligence and patience.

The other part of our discussion was around the need for innovation and creativity. We need to utilize other people’s insight and ideas outside of our own work bubble…

At the same, we talked about having a stimulating and fun work environment. If all goes well, we will be going to Indiana for an innovation and creativity workshop!


In the meantime, Jeff and I took a ride out to the stores in search of a Betta fish for office inspiration. Unfortunately, the Alamosa pet store is no longer open—and even Wal-Mart was out of fish!

We decided to improvise…

We got a fish bowl and some rocks, along with play-doh.

Back at the office we created our very first office fish!

We are currently in the market for a real fish—preferably one that isn’t made of play-doh and that swims around…

Back at the ranch tonight…

My entertainment: I was taking the trash can to the end of the driveway and all of the horses followed me to the road. I decided to run back as fast as I could and they all took off full speed along with me. I paused, laughed out loud, and took off down the driveway back to the road again. This went on three more times—each time the horses galloping along the fence with me. The final time? They stay back at the house—after finally catching on to my game—and watched me run alone from a distance…

It’s been really fun spending time here over the last few weeks. I’m really starting to see the different personalities of the horses and we are becoming more and more comfortable with each other.

Nostalgic. Boy do I miss being rocked to sleep by the ocean waves…Two years ago today I stepped off the ship I called home for 3.5 months. A ship that transported me around the world to unfamiliar places full of beautiful, inspiring people. But no longer is home a specific location to me. Instead, it’s the people I am with that make me feel at home…



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