Meetings and learning…

Super tired=super brief…

I spent the morning on the ranch feeding the animals and prepping hay for tonight.

At work I met with Ana and Sue from Outreach to go over our ideas for resource centers. They have set one up in their office with three computers for shelter guests and community members to utilize for job searches, resume building, etc. I am doing something similar fo Adelante clients, as I’ve mentioned before. It was good to compare notes and give each other ideas.

Next visit was with an Adelante client who makes jewelry. Beautiful jewelry. She lived in Mexico a few years and was taught how to use copper wire to make linked necklaces and bracelets alike. We are hoping she can be one of our first clients for seed me and she seems interested so far. One thing I know that we’ll have to work with her on is pricing her jewelry. It seems as though she’s selling at way too low of a price!

Anna, Nicole and I then went to the store to pick up a bunch of supplies for the office. That lasted right up until I needed to be at Leading Edge class.

At Leading Edge we talked more about the importance of having a Cash-Flow worksheet for your business and had a guest speaker named Don. The class is very helpful and informative, but it’s difficult for me to sit still in a chair for three hours straight that late at night…

I feel old for saying that.

I then headed back to the ranch and fed the animals in the dark.

Hopefully more meaningful words will be said tomorrow night—off to sleep!


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