Productivity Tuesday.

Just some rambling sequence of events documenting my day:

This morning I had a meeting with Dores, my supervisor at Adelante. She wanted to hear how I was doing, and how I felt about my projects. I expressed to her my satisfaction in what I was doing, but that I feel I am doing too many things. I’ll be having a conversation later this week in regards to this, which will hopefully result in a solution to cutting down some of my commitments…

On the plus side, I was much more productive and focused on my current tasks at hand in the office today. After my Tuesday recycling routine, I attended a webinar on engaging the youth in rural communities. One of the biggest takeaways is that the youth’s main environment isn’t the town, but it’s their school. We need to meet them at their familiar surroundings and open their eyes to the opportunities and work being done in the entire community.

After the webinar, Alyssa and I went to Chaparral Tire and picked up our bikes. They were able to put the tubes on for us no problem—and said the old ones had between 5 and 8 holes each! I wrote my bike back to Adelante and struggled to fit the bike into the back of the van. A man named Steve was passing by and stopped to help me. He was really kind and with his help we got the bike into the van together.

I put together some more resources for E3 (employment, education and entrepreneurship center). I’m nearly finished with a guidebook and also whipped off the employment book including resume, cover letter and job interview tips. During lunch break Anna and I went to Milagros and read. I find it so important to take these breaks to get my mind completely off of work by either walking around Cole Park or reading a leisurely book. It recharges me and takes away some stress.

Tonight when I drove to the ranch it was super windy —the sky all the way down to the horizon line was light brown full of dust. And yet, on the other side of the Valley it was blue skies…

For dinner, BLT egg sandwich on an English Muffin…deliciousssnesssss.

The rest of the night I plan to rest.

Good night!


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