Last night I watched a wonderful movie, The First Grader.

Based on a true story:

“In a small, remote mountain top primary school in the Kenyan bush, hundreds of children are jostling for a chance for the free education newly promised by the Kenyan government. One new applicant causes astonishment when he knocks on the door of the school.  He is Maruge, an old Mau Mau veteran in his eighties, who is desperate to learn to read at this late stage of his life.  He fought for the liberation of his country and now feels he must have the chance of an education so long denied – even if it means sitting in a classroom alongside six-year-olds.”

I recommend watching it!

This morning I made a delicious egg, pepperjack and green pepper wrap, washed down with a glass of pulpy orange juice. Perfect start to the day!

After, I walked downtown to Treasure Alley gift shop and picked up a few things for my mother’s birthday. I then continued my way across town and spent a good amount of time at the library. I don’t get there often, but when I do I am hooked. I got a nice chunk of A Walk in the Woods read. Bryson writes with a wonderful and entertaining voice and I’m learning a lot more about the Appalachian trail through his descriptions.

I scooped up a bowl of cajun jumbalya soup from the store on the way home and settled down to another movie. This one was called Little Birds, filmed in Salton Sea, California. My two sisters and I had been to this very location—creepily in the middle of nowhere souther CA— so I was interested in watching it. It was beautifully filmed and kept my attention, but once the two friends got to LA it went down a bit of a dark route through the end…

I’m off to get some shut-eye, as I’ll be up at the crack of dawn to begin shooting scenes of the Valley with the golden light.

Good night, everyone!


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