Writing, reflecting, connecting.

I had the pleasure of taking the recycling this morning…in monsoon winds. It was probably quite the spectacle to see me chasing around a plastic container in 34 MPH winds…

The walk home from work was even worse. I had never experienced being wrapped up inside a Dust Bowl before. I may have to purchase a pair of goggles for future walks this spring…

This afternoon I spent a bit of time editing through some photos from Life Skills last night. Here are a bundle of them:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ahhh, how I truly love to write. I find more and more as I go along with this blog that it doesn’t even matter to me if my writing is quality each night—but that I am writing in general. That I am allowing my mind to process and reflect on the day…

Last week at VolCom we went around and said what we did to de-stress. If I am really upset about something nothing helps me more than to go for a run and burn off some steam. Unfortunately, I’ve slipped out of that routine with such long stretches in my day. So ultimately, the way I de-stress daily is by writing. So far since I moved to CO I’ve written nearly to 60 letters to friends and family across the country.  That’s what heals me the most. Reaching out and reconnecting with those who matter most to me in life.

267669_2222749492541_4480534_nIn three weeks I’ll be heading back east to see wonderful, wonderful people: Boyfriend, siblings, parents and dearest friends—all in one place…Could not be more excited.



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