100th Post!

photo 1

This is my 100th post! Yippee!

Today I conquered more of the attic. Adelante has received bags of donations over the last several months and it needed to be sorted and organized. Unfortunately, the ceiling is just around 5 feet tall, so it forces you to hunch over in a very uncomfortable position. Once we get some shelves built and better storage containers, it should turn out pretty well!

photo 2

Adelante Life Skills tonight was combined with Pals children. The theme was using recyclable items for crafts and games with your family. One side of the room we set up plastic bottles for bowling, had groups compete in building the tallest towers made of recyclables, and played BINGO with bottle caps.

On the other end of the room tables were set up with cardboard, newspaper, paper towel rolls, paints and other items.

I took a lot of photos throughout the night, but I need to get them cleared with Jordan first before I post them online. Stay tuned tomorrow…

Lastly, I want to spend a moment reflecting on the events that took place today in Boston. It is such a tragic and alarming situation for all, and so many have reached out towards their friends and family on the east coast to make sure they are all right. Many thoughts and prayers have been sent out to those affected by the explosions.

And I want to highlight that. It is so beautiful how concerned many people in the world are for each other. People truly care.

Thought of the day: We can show our love and support and pray for people during tragic events such as the Boston Marathon explosion today, as we all should—but even better, what if we all showed our love and support to each other every day?



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